Fifty Shades of Grey Movie

The best thing when you watch 50 Shades of Grey tend to be the a couple of lead stars. Capturing the particular emotion of the non-smiling prosperous Grey has not been an simple task considering the fact that the figure should become cold and also unemotional. Dornan will be actually in a position to breathe living into the particular lines he has and also makes his character much more intriguing since the film advances.

Warm Bodies Full Movie

Warm Bodies tells the tale of a zombie with a kind heart and who seems to still look 'attractive' even under his rotting skin? I guess he would have to be, I don't think we could handle a real life retelling of Beauty and the Beast (1991) right? This film was directed by Jonathan Levine and he did an adequate job adding a few good observational jokes such as having the zombie covet past times. What did I find funny about that?